Electronic commerce draws on such technologies as electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, Internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems.


Storeplacer democratizes multi-channel commerce for merchants, agencies and developers with products that reduce IT complexities allowing users to focus on customer acquisition, the user experience and merchandising.


BAD TESTING® led Software Quality Assurance for a custom built E-Commerce Admin Console.


Project deliverable’s included end to end system testing, mobile testing, desktop testing, e-commerce testing and responsive communication throughout.


Big Data. The web application was built on Google App Engine, with experimental API’s at that time while testing MapReduce, Google Storage, Blobstore, memcache, along with validating data in the App Engine datastore

Authorize.net payment gateways, merchant integration settings, merchant access settings

Facebook API’s



   Multi-Channel Commerce for Merchants, Agencies and Developers. Chicago, IL.
    Consulting  and development services to businesses. Québec City, QC.


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“BAD Testing has been our trusted partner for our most vital clients. We know we can count on a thorough, knowledgeable test team no matter the timeline or the technology. They know how to integrate seamlessly with a team of any size and don’t require any hand-holding and hit the ground running. They are stunningly up-to-date on trends and always able to support the team with the right solution to tough technical problems. Whether it’s a tight timeline or challenging technical work, my first and last call is to BAD Testing.”

Dan Lavorini Vice President, Technical Director - Edelman Digital March 25, 2016

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