‘BAD Testing: An Expert in Software Testing Consulting Services’

The Silicon Review Magazine,  December 2015.


25 Most Promising QA/Testing Service Vendors 2015 by Outsourcing Gazette.’

Outsourcing Gazette Magazine has named Bad Testing, LLC. as one of the “25 Most Promising QA/Testing Service Vendors 2015” for its July 2015 issue.


30 Twitter Feeds Every QA Manager must Follow

“Finding and following the right kind of people on Twitter could be time consuming stuff, and that’s why we’ve invested time and efforts to create the list of top 30 Twitter feeds all QA managers and test engineers should follow!”


Quality Assurance Best Practices in Digital Marketing – Whitepaper

“We are happy to provide the first Quality Assurance Best Practices in Digital Marketing. This whitepaper is the outcome of the QA Summit held in October, 2013. Over 50 marketing professionals from leading healthcare companies and advertising agencies gathered and collaborated together to produce the ideas and solutions contained within.”


The 2013 Quality Assurance Summit

“While acknowledging the complexity of today’s marketing landscape, as well as how novel technologies have fundamentally changed human behavior, the ultimate goal was to create a best practices white paper in order to ensure that QA is implemented at the appropriate point in the project timeline—at the beginning.”


[PRESENTATION] The shift to mobile

“Presentation I gave at the first QA Summit for Digital Healthcare Marketing in Chicago on October 24th 2013. Attendees included marketing directors, QA professionals, and digital directors from leading healthcare companies and advertising agencies. Its purpose was to establish the first QA Best Practices document designed specifically for healthcare marketing. The goal of this presentation was to show why mobile should be a priority when designing internet applications.”

Site Launch: Cherokee Casinos and Hard Rock Casino Tulsa

“All three of the sites are built on the open-source content management system, Umbraco, which allows the Cherokee Nation Entertainment team to have one CMS controlling content for multiple concert venues, casinos and promotion channels. The intense Quality Assurance process was supported by Shachar Schiff, Founder of Bad Testing, who helped prepare the new websites under a tight deadline.”


Quality assurance isn’t so bad with Bad Testing

“Startup life is testing, testing, and testing some more to make sure you’ve got it right before the big show. Nobody wants to launch the new version of a site only to have it crash and burn a half hour later, with angry customer emails crushing your inbox and the hot tears of frustration stinging your sensitive (and smooth) developer’s face.”




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“BAD Testing has been our trusted partner for our most vital clients. We know we can count on a thorough, knowledgeable test team no matter the timeline or the technology. They know how to integrate seamlessly with a team of any size and don’t require any hand-holding and hit the ground running. They are stunningly up-to-date on trends and always able to support the team with the right solution to tough technical problems. Whether it’s a tight timeline or challenging technical work, my first and last call is to BAD Testing.”

Dan Lavorini Vice President, Technical Director - Edelman Digital March 25, 2016

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