At BAD TESTING®, we exist because of a simple belief: high-quality, powerful software is humanity’s most capable vehicle to change the world. Across all industries, languages and cultures, new watershed moments will be made possible by proof-of-concepts and beautiful code. They will start with incredible software.


In software development, this sense of urgency leads to an intense emphasis on speed. The shortest distance from today to product release becomes a key metric of success. But in that race to the next checkpoint, something often gets left behind that never should: Quality.


This is why BAD TESTING® exists. It’s because the impact of a critical piece of software is only as strong as it is effective, reliable and iron-clad. Regardless of how quickly it’s developed, it cannot fail. Simply put, we love great software and we believe we’re already all hitched to its success. Our purpose is to make sure every vehicle – every piece of progress we ever touch – is poured over, tested and guaranteed to make the impact it was originally built for.

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Bad Testing, LLC ® is a software QA company that offers computer and technological professional services, namely software quality assurance. BadTesting.com, a software QA website, introduces testing concepts and techniques associated with internet applications.